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Brief the Ministry of Housing national industry standard of building with wood interior doors

      July 8, 2010, the National Federation of Furniture Industry Association special committee of the steel doors of a joint industry 22 outstanding enterprises held in Guangzhou, the Ministry of Housing "building with wood interior doors" national industry standards will start, has lasted for two yearsmore than six occasions after the senate enterprises and the meeting of the group discussion based on thorough research, extensively solicit opinions from all sides, to form the final draft to be reported to the Ministry of Housing, and was released on November 1, 2012,came into effect March 1, number JG/T392-2012.

      The standard plan released in Yongkang door during the fair May 26, will be invited to the leadership of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Housing, Jinhua municipal government leadership and supervised the companies jointly launched the release ceremony. Industry Annual Meeting of the steel doors and door industry, China president of Forum activities held in the same period 2013.

      To strengthen the building wood interior doors, "the implementation of national industry standards, is determined by the steel doors of the special committee, Yongkang held on May 27, the first phase of building wood interior doors" industry standard Publicizing training and technical seminars will. Meeting to explain by the standard principal drafter of "building wood interior doors" national industry standards and strengthen standards of learning and technical exchange, to enhance the level of industry standardization of steel doors. And plans were "building with wood interior doors" national industry standard Publicizing training and technical exchanges will be in Guangzhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Henan, Xiamen.

      Formulation and promulgation and implementation of the standard steel door industry is bound to be a strong impetus to the formation of a unified production standards and strict access threshold of emerging industries, to promote the upgrading of the steel doors enterprise management level and product quality, thus promoting China's steel doors industry self-regulation to develop normally.

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