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Custom interior doors: to develop the brand to the professional to be effective

      The past two years, custom interior doors Industry crazy expansion, and also into the winter estate regulation to snatch the market, the industry as a whole began a fierce price war, the dealer's profit margins shrank, and consumers The lukewarm response of all kinds of promotional activities, and did not show the expected enthusiasm. Manufacturers face of soaring prices of raw materials and labor costs only to rise, only secretly crying. Ever since, a new round of market reshuffle, and this has demonstrated the bright future of the industry began a brutal survival of the fittest.

      With the specification of timber harvesting in China, leading to rising timber prices, and national as well as macro-control of the real estate market, these interior doors industry development caused great difficulties.

      Because of these pressures, the voice of professional custom interior doors no longer hot, many companies turn to test the water "whole home, trying to expand the content and scope of the custom, not warm enough market blaze a trail bright road.

      Feasibility "whole home", or by what mode can only "feasible", all pending the validation of the market and the time. At least for now, "whole home" has become a new trend in the development of a customized industry.

      Partly always adhere to the "professional custom interior doors" brand, under the influence of the market environment, and also began a new way of thinking. To the professional to be effective, to brand development "may represent another way out of the custom interior doors.

(A) to strengthen the standardization, improve production efficiency

      There is no any kind of machine Universal production, using machine production, it will certainly have some fixed standard. Customized industry "custom" is not "not for any limited" and "arbitrary", but has its own standards and models. Traditional labor-intensive production methods can not adapt to the future development trend, if we really want to improve production efficiency, and can only use the machine using a standardized production, reduce dependence on artificial, which is one of the enterprises to reduce the cost effective way. The custom enterprise at the same time strengthen the standardized production have universal custom standard concept and content, so that consumers recognize and accept.

(B) to optimize the customization process, strengthen the quality management

      The quality is the basis for the development of the brand, "tailor-made" for custom industry requires greater precision and detail of the product, thus the product quality is particularly important. To effectively guaranteed the product quality, the need for custom process optimization. Such as the Federal Gordon to take the the drawer group form of delivery is a valid custom process optimization, without the need to install the the scene one assembled drawer, simplified installation procedures, and quality problems that may arise in the drawer installation process products manufactured before effective control, earnestly safeguard the interests of consumers.

(3) to maintain a professional, persist in innovation

      For the manufacturing industry, the long-term development, in order to obtain and maintain a professional and no doubt is one of the important rules of survival. On this basis, the integral is a brand's ability to innovate. And innovation in turn can inject vigor and impetus for the enterprise, this is also an important safeguard professional. Consumer demand is not static, so as a custom home brand to attract consumers demanding aesthetic vision and design and quality good enough to impress consumers need an endless supply of innovation, innovation, the better The products and services dedicated to the vast number of users.

(D) to create a brand image, enhance visibility


      Good horse with a good saddle, good product also requires effective publicity. In the custom industry, insisted on maintaining a professional unchanged, it must be true "do the fine, which requires patience and the courage of your convictions. Competition stamina and the courage of your convictions, trying to raise brand awareness, build a good brand image, is undoubtedly the only way for the sustainable development of a brand.

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